RangerLady.orgRanger Lady serves the forgotten in long term care with personal dignity items. The forgotten are our brothers and sisters, who struggle with mental health issues, residing in locked facilities and often abandoned by family. The homeless who access resource centers for their personal dignity needs are also served.

To Ranger Lady they are never lost, but deserving individuals.

Undies BannerOur Mission

To provide personal dignity items for residents in locked Long Term Care Facilities. Women need new white socks, undies and gently used bras of any style or color. Men need new white socks, briefs and T-shirts. Responsibility lies with facilities to provide personal dignity items. With decreased federal reimbursement rates and shrinking state Medicaid funds, it’s difficult to provide all needs and unseen personal dignity items often go unmet. Those of us on the outside know the feeling of new socks and undies. Imagine not having that feeling; sometimes for years.

Join Ranger Lady in providing personal dignity items.

Many Needs, Many Ways to Help

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Since our founding in 2007, we have donated thousands of gently used bras and other new personal dignity items. The charity continues to grow from year to year thanks to the generous efforts of our donors, and you can help.

Bras are the biggest need in facilities and homeless shelters. It speaks to the absolute desire a woman has in caring for herself with personal dignity.  Bras are the most expensive item we provide, thus collecting gently used bras and sharing them is so critical to what Ranger Lady does.

Wash, Bag, Tag and Mail them to:

Ranger Lady c/o Cindy Gillman

2310 SE Delaware Ave, Ste G #236

Ankeny, IA 50021

Undies Banner

Our Story

Cindy Gillman, an adoptee, was reunited with her birth mother and older sister in 2000. As residents in separate mental illness facilities, each were unaware of the other’s existence. Cindy learned her birth mother was homeless for the 20 years she was looking for her.

Deeply touched by her experience, she felt she must give back.

Cindy and her family started purchasing personal dignity items: socks and undies for the women; socks, briefs and T-shirts for the men. Calling on friends, in 2007 to help, they were able to provide items for 103 residents.

The scope of the cause has grown to include other facilities in other states. A need discovered in an unknown venue and a growing interest by others; Ranger Lady, Inc. was incorporated in 2010 and acquired non-profit status in 2011.

As a cross-country motorcyclist, she connects with people of every walk of life, telling her unusual story, hoping to raise awareness for this cause. Cindy invites the women to send gently used bras to share with those that are forgotten.

The Ranger Lady name is representative of the woman who are homeless and roam.